Upcoming events:

  • 2nd Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication joint with 2nd VoicePrivacy Challenge Workshop, September 23 & 24 2022, as a satellite to Interspeech 2022 (Link to Symposium website)
  • 1st ISCA Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication, 10-12 November 2021 (Link to Symposium website)
  • Webinar & Café - please check the dedicated section.

Past events:

  • October 2020: "The Attacker's Perspective on Automatic Speaker Verification," Interspeech 2020, Shanghai, China [website]
  • October 2020: "The VoicePrivacy Challenge," Interspeech 2020, Shanghai, China [website]
  • March 2020: 7th CoSDEO workshop on "Privacy and Security in Digital Assistants," PerCom 2020, Austin, Texas [website]
  • [Cancelled] March 2020: Shonan meeting on “Privacy, Ethics, and Legislation for Speech Communication” [website]
  • January 2020: "Privacy: Speech meets legal experts," EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis, France [website]
  • September 2019: Special session "Privacy in Speech and Audio Interfaces," Interspeech 2019, Graz, Austria [website].