Privacy: Speech meets legal experts

Motivation: Smart speakers and virtual assistants pose risks to privacy. Issues range from lacking transparency and consent management to potential for mass surveillance. For speech and legal communities, this joint event allows for discussions across disciplines.

A concept workshop. The goal of this workshop is to bring experts together from speech technology and law to reach a common understanding. The morning session features keynotes on needs and demands of each field; the afternoon session provides space for discussions on case studies.

Outcome. This workshop prepares the upcoming Shonan meeting on “Privacy, Ethics, and Legislation for Speech Communication”.

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Tentative program

    Session 1 - Chair: Isabel Trancoso  
09:00-09:15   Opening words (Andreas Nautsch) [slides]  
09:15-10:00     Birgit Brüggemeier (Fraunhofer IIS) "SPEAKER — privacy preserving speech assistance made in Germany"  
10:00-10:45     Korbinian Riedhammer (TH Nürnberg) "Patient and audio data in clinical speech therapy"  
10:45-11:45     Thomas Zerdick (EDPS Head IT policy) "Views of the EDPS on speech and data protection"  
11:45-12:30     Catherine Jasserand (University of Groningen) "Speech data and the GDPR: First reflections from a legal perspective"  
12:30-13:30   Lunch  
    Session 2 - Chair: Els Kindt
13:30-15:00   Open discussion (moderated by Catherine Jasserand and Andreas Nautsch)  
15:00-15:30   Coffee break  
15:30-16:00   Discussion: outstanding legal and technical issues
as seen from the technical and legal communities for future collaboration and convergence
16:30-17:00   Wrap-up & Conclusion  


Important dates:

15th of December 2019  Keynote proposals
20th of December 2019  Keynote announcements
20th of December 2019  Registration deadline
27th of January 2019  Extended registration deadline
29th of January 2020  Workshop at EURECOM, France

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Organizers: Andreas Nautsch, Nicholas Evans

Advisory: Els Kindt, Catherine Jasserand, Isabel Trancoso, Korbinian Riedhammer, Adriana Stan


Call for participation