What are current hot-topics in research, industry and governance?

On-demand brainstorming. We meet for a café session: a tea, coffee or beverage to exchange and discuss our thoughts and ideas. Senior experts pitch a topic for an interactive debate. Naturally, a café session can be quick (about 30 minutes) but might also take sometimes up to one hour (but not longer). The day of the event is set by the presenter; we try to make it either at 10h or at 16h Brussels time.

Duration. 20 minutes talk & up to 40 minutes of discussion.

Outcome. The goal of the café talks is to kick-off new discussions to achieve a common understanding. This common understanding will only be achieved by reaching out to our colleagues in technical and sociological studies related to SPSC: Where do we need to push our community? How can we collaborate, interdisciplinary? As a society, we need to engage in the preparation of policy papers (opinions); policy papers that will eventually lead us to (better informed) legislation, and better designed products and services.
How about a tea or coffee?

Propose a café talk. Join the next event or simply drop us an email: cafe@lists.spsc-sig.org

Open to everyone. Including non-members.


2020-06-29 (Mon) Bhiksha Raj, Carnegie Mellon University — 16h Brussels time
2020-08-27 (Thu) Catherine Jasserand, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen — 16h Brussels time [registration]
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